Local Missions: we support Loaves and Fishes of New Milford and others in need through regular donations and hands-on support, including donations to our Community Relief Fund. To find out more about helping those in need, contact our church office or Sherman Social Services.

Broader Missions: we support Christian Camping in Medellin, Columbia, The Lion of Judah Academy in Tanzania, Africa, and in the United States we support CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) at Cornell University and SUNY Cortland.

Each month we choose a special project and collect a second offering during the worship service to support that project. Oftentimes these special projects are a call to help those suffering a current and extreme loss such as through war or natural disaster.

To donate to any of the following missions, please use the Tithes and Donations tab on the shermanchurch.org website and donate online with the name of the organization in the Comment line. Please pray for the work of these missions and for those they help.

A Military Donation Bin is set up in the Fellowship Hall or Veterans at the Veterans Hospital in West Haven. There is a list of suggested items in the bin and on the bulletin board. Items will be picked up and delivered to the VA Hospital. Also be aware that some online stores like Amazon will ship free of charge to any active duty military as long as they have an address to send to. Feel free to use this one if you don’t know of any others. Veteran donations will be shipped to West Haven VA Medical Center, Voluntary Services (135), 950 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CT 06516, to the attention of Mark Frazee.

“I thank my God every time I remember you… because of your partnership in the Gospel.”
— Philippians 1:3-4
The Lion of Judah Academy Newsletter
September 2023 ~ Greetings from Florida
Work Team ~ July 2023
We had a great time with an awesome team!
* We painted buildings!
* We made jump ropes! Lots of them!
* We laminated new textbooks for days!
* We delivered dental tools, toothbrushes and gloves to the dental clinic at the dispensary.
* Parks brought a trunk of shoes. Never enough shoes!
* Linda brought Ball Doctor and soccer balls much to the happiness of the students
* We brought and made 23 cake mixes for students and teachers.
* Made 24 bucket water filters and installed the large filters in the dining hall.
* Brett did some chiropractic medicine
* Andi and Liv brought art supplies and made art projects.
* The coloring book activities were in full swing.
Here is a link to an online team photo album: 
Team Gift
We planned to give a Team Gift of 3 cows to the students and teachers, but Mtebe was able to purchase 5 with the money we gave him. We also got lots of fruit. Kids loved it! Praise the Lord
Dining Room
The new dining hall has been completed and is fully operational.  This dining hall is serving all the older boys and girls (the younger students have their own dining hall).  This new dining hall is a most welcome, and long-awaited, addition to the campus.  It is difficult to overstate both how much it was needed, and how much it is appreciated!  Here is a link to an online photo album: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjATSyd
Vocational School
We met the first student at the driving class of our new vocational school. Lots of students since then
The new classroom buildings are needed because we have finally “taken the plunge” and committed fully to opening the Lion of Judah Academy Vocational Training Center.  This vocational training school was part of the original vision God gave to us over 20 years ago, but there always seemed to be something more urgent.  But it has finally become a reality.  It opened while we were there in July, with one student in the driver training school.
Here’s a link to an album with photos: 
Note the marketing on the back of the shirts!!
All those photos are of the most recent driver training class, with over 15 students!!
Other courses of study will include: Plumbing, Auto Mechanics, Computer, English Language, Commercial and Residential Electrical Installation, Sewing, Carpentry, Beauty and Hair, Welding
We will be expanding the course offerings a bit at a time, and eventually we expect to move into courses of study in health care and dentistry.
The two biggest differences between the VTC, and our current Lion of Judah Academy school offerings, are:
#1 The current school is focused on getting our needy pastor/church worker kids to the university level. This VTC is primarily focused on students who have no interest in pursuing university level studies, but want to enter trades and related careers
#2 we will not be offering scholarships and sponsorships at the VTC; it is designed to actually MAKE MONEY to help support Lion of Judah Academy
Another difference is that none of the VTC students will be boarding/living in the dorms.
Alumni Of LJA
I should also mention what is, to Hart and I, and I think also the Mtebes, one of the most encouraging developments for the long-term health and strength of the school. We now have ten alumni who have returned to the school as full-time teachers. These are talented and skilled young men and women who understand the vision and purpose of the school, and have decided they want to be a part of it. We are already beginning to see them move into key leadership roles at the school, and it is so very encouraging.
Work Team 2024
Interested in coming to see what is happening in person? Come on a Work Team in July 2024.
* Duration is 2 weeks at The Lion of Judah Academy with a day trip into the Serengeti Game Park.
* Optional 2 day Add-On to Nairobi, Kenya – Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe Park, Nairobi National Park, Carnivore Restaurant, and Arts and Crafts.
* Costs: Airfare varies (average $1500 coach), $40 per night for private room and all meals, Serengeti $200, Optional 2 days to be determined.
* Contact Linda Rentschler: linda.r3125@gmail.com
* Passports Mandatory & Malaria Medication Highly Recommended
Please Pray ~ This Weekend
This weekend Hart and Lynn will be representing Lion of Judah Academy at a Church conference — the Evangelical Association — a strong association of evangelical churches composed primarily of churches who have either parted ways with the UCC, or want to have a fellowship of like-minded believers while they remain in the UCC. A number of those congregations support the school so we always try to attend their conferences to represent the school. Prayers would be appreciated for the ministry of the school to touch many hearts, and new partnerships to develop.
More Prayers
* Praise and thanksgiving to God for the team and all their work.
* Praise for the beginning of the vocational school and for all to go well with the rest of the preparations to start the other classes.
* Provisions for the continuing problem with food costs and availability.
* Health and safety, wisdom, and blessings for Mtebe and Pili and our school leaders, teachers and staff.
Many blessings,
Lynn and Hart Inlow
The Lion of Judah Ministries

Two New Ways to Donate!

1. Venmo ~ Lion of Judah Ministries, Inc ~ Charities

2. QR Code for Direct Donations

OR ~ Go to the website https://thelionofjudah.info and you can donate or choose a student to support.

Prayer Needs

* The food availability and costs are still a problem. Please pray for food supplies.

Brenners of Cru Summer Newsletter

It was in mid-July when I heard the text notification from my phone.  My jaw dropped when I read the message from a student I had discipled during his first two years of college which said, “I am finally ready to follow God and commit to Jesus for the rest of my life. I feel like I have been born again, and I am interested in getting water baptized and was wondering if you had any information on that.” I’d only seen him in passing this previous year, and it seemed clear that he was on the run and living for lesser things.  Thankfully, God can run faster and He’s relentless in the pursuit of His lost sheep.   As this student and I talked later that week it was clear that God was reawakening him to the reality that Jesus is King and worth giving his whole life to live for. Please be in prayer for him this semester, that he would step back into a discipleship relationship with one of our Cru volunteers and that those things still hindering him from running the race of faith would lose their grip.

Through this text and a handful of other situations this summer, where its been undeniable that God is on the move, my eyes have been opened in a fresh way to the power of God’s Word.  I sometimes doubt the power of God to save and change people, myself included.  I sometimes can get in a rut where I question if the Spirit is opening blind eyes.  Just a few weeks ago as I was reading in Isaiah 55, I was confronted in the best possible way with the reality that God’s Word does what God intends for it to do …
 “For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven and do not return there but water the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, giving seek to the sower and break to the eater, so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.”  Isaiah 55:10-11
That’s amazing!  Every time the Word is preached, every time the Scriptures are opened and shared across a coffee table, every time a Bible story is read at a child’s bedside, every time a verse is texted to a friend who needs encouragement … God accomplishes His perfect purposes through it.   I’m so grateful that God’s Word declares it and His work in hearts proves it.  What’s the Goal?Perhaps you’ve heard the helpful adage … “Aim at nothing and you’ll hit it every time.”  It’s a pithy way of saying that without an anticipated result we can miss the reason and goal toward which we should be striving.  We’re so grateful that as we seek to make disciples of Jesus at Risen Hope Community Church we have incredible support and training from Missio Church in Syracuse, NY.  A key component of our discipleship process, handed down to us by Missio, are our five Discipleship Outcomes (pictured below).  These five outcomes are the target we are striving for.  Please pray for us this month as we preach and teach these outcomes at RHCC and seek to live lives “worthy of the Gospel.” 

And if you’d like to listen to a message I preached just this past Sunday on how to share your Grace Story, just click on the button below.Sermon – Telling Your Grace Story
Masters of Theology
That’s a wrap!  This past summer I completed my final two courses (The Theology of C.S. Lewis and The Westminster Confession of Faith) through Reformed Theological Seminary. What a journey it has been!  It was a little over six years ago when my friend and former Cru team leader Tim Schuman encouraged me to pursue my degree, and I’m so glad he did.  There were times when I absolutely loved the learning, times when the application from my classes applied providentially to life and ministry, and times I felt the overwhelming task of having to write too many papers, take too many tests and thinking I would never finish.  But God was faithful, Christy kept me paced and encouraged, my kids continually wanted to know how it was going and let me study in their room at night in place of reading to them, and many of you prayed along the way.  It’s an absolute privilege to have been exposed to so much rich theology taught by brilliant, Jesus-loving professors.  Now onto the M.Div?  Not anytime soon!
Prayers and Praises
Please pray for the Second Wind Women’s Home being built in Dryden, NY.  We’ve recently had a fantastic wave of volunteer effort come alongside the project.  Pray we can get the outside of the house completely finished (including porches built) before the cold sets in.  Pray too that the site would be a place where Gospel conversations happen while Christians and non-Christians work side by side. Please Pray we would find a sustainable and wise plan to accommodate the growing number of kids at Risen Hope Community Church.  Kids make up a big part of our church, and serving them in a way that best fits them and their families is a conversation we’re currently having. Please pray for our kids as they get under way with school this year.  Jack (15) and Max (10) are both attending Cortland Christian Academy, Charlie (12) is homeschooling through the Classical Conversations program, and Tessa (6 going on 16) is in first grade at Dryden Elementary School.  Pray that God would give them a love for His world and surround them with friends who will be a blessing to their lives.
How can we pray for you?
Life on the Homefront
Having spent a handful of summers in Acadia National Park serving with Cru Lifelines, it’s become one of our favorite places on earth and the perfect spot to celebrate our 20th anniversary. For three days in August we hiked beautiful trails, ate Hannaford’s best blueberry pie, and binged The Chosen in a cool little Airbnb right in downtown “Ba Haba.”  Marriage ain’t easy, but it is awesome — that much is true.  Reflecting on being 20 years married, Christy and I are convinced that “the steadfast love of the Lord is never ceasing, it is new every morning, great is His faithfulness”… to us and to our marriage.  Thanks to ALL those who God has used to shape us, teach us, and model for us God’s design for marriage.  We wouldn’t be here without ya  ◡̈ Here’s to 20 more!

And as seen pictured below, the kiddos are back to school, and we’re all happy about that!  Jack wrapped up another great summer of work at Dedrick’s market (with his Grampy and Grammy working alongside him), and Charlie and Max had another successful summer owning and (mostly) operating “Brenner Bros. Lawn Mowing Business.”  And this past summer Tessa had two big milestones … learning to ride a bike and learning to swim. Thanks Eshelmans!
Nic and Christy Brenner181 Lake Road
Dryden, NY 13053Nic – 603.969.0196
Christy – 603.969.0252

Hopeline Pregnancy Resource Center

Today, Hopeline is helping to end the tragedy of abortion by offering hope and help to women in need.

Prevention: Their “Your Choice” abstinence education is provided to schools and churches at no cost.

Intervention: They offer free pregnancy tests, lay counseling, choice education, material assistance, parenting classes and ongoing supportive relationships with young mothers. They have seen more than 7,000 women since opening their doors.

Reconciliation: “Forgiven and Set Free” abortion-recovery support groups and “The Path to Sexual Healing” Bible studies offers forgiveness, hope and healing through Jesus Christ.

Contact Hopeline at 27 Hospital Avenue, #303, Danbury at (203) 540-5225.

Voice of the Martyrs

Voice of the Martyrs is an American nondenominational ministry serving persecuted Christians in restricted and hostile countries around the world. To receive updates or their free magazine subscription, please contact VOM at their website, by mail at 1815 SE Bison Road, Bartlesville, OK 74006-9901 or Phone: 800-747-0085.

Jericho Partnership of Danbury


For at-risk youth, the path to lifelong excellence is often unearthed by clearing the obstacles they face. Maybe it’s worrying about their next meal … or struggling at school … or dealing with crippling anxiety … or living in a household gripped by abuse, or with parents who don’t speak English and can’t help with schoolwork. Any of these challenges (and others) can derail youth, hinder their academic achievement, and prevent them from believing in their own potential. There’s no one-size-fits-all scenario when it comes to what challenges life brings. So there’s no one way to rise above them.

Jericho’s ministry to at-risk youth, and by extension their families, is designed to meet youth where they are, and — through relationship-building, creating a foundation of faith, and innovative 360-degree wraparound programming — address the things that stand between them and seeking a life of excellence.

We provide services, programs, and workshops that address students’ academic, physical, life-prep, social & emotional, and, perhaps most importantly, spiritual needs. We are fueled by compassionate donors and volunteers, who serve as tutors, mentors, workshop leaders, counselors, food pantry helpers, doctors and nurses, and more, all of whom breathe life into the ministry we are called by God to provide.

Questions: Call 203-791-1180 or email info@jerichopartnership.org. They are located 22 Maple Ave., Ste 3, Danbury, CT 06810. JERICHO FOOD PANTRY, 22 Maple Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810. JERICHO SPRING STREET MINISTRY CENTER, 44 Spring Street, Danbury, CT 06810.

The Widow’s Friend of Bangladesh

The Widow’s Friend is an Amercan nonprofit which was begun in the 1970s by Faith Willard, a Massachusetts woman who went to Bangladesh to visit her brother Peter Willard., who was director of Chop Point Camp in Woolwich, ME. She was a high school guidance counselor at the time and Deputy Director of Camp Good News in Cape Cod. She founded The Widow’s Friend in 1975 at a refugee camp in Bastuhara (“those without houses”), Tongi. By assisting widows to become self-sufficient, the organization helps them keep their children by giving them a means of support. The Widow’s Friend now runs medical clinics, an orphanage, a high school, a mission/job skills training center for widows, a school for the deaf, and a hostel for unmarried working women. For further information, write to THE WIDOW’S FRIEND, INC., PO Box 103, Forestdale, MA 02644.

Slavic Gospel Association

SGA traces its founders’ vision and history to the 1920’s and 30’s and the city of Chicago, where we were founded by Rev. Peter Deyneka, an immigrant from Belarus (now an independent nation, but then a part of the Soviet Union). In the 1920’s Peter traveled throughout the Soviet Union to share the Gospel and encourage Bible-believing churches.

When Soviet dictator Josef Stalin intensified persecution of the churches in the early 1930’s, it prevented Peter from traveling to his homeland to share the Gospel. Convinced that there were ways to help the churches from here, he and a small group of Chicago-area businessmen met in the back of Hedstrom’s Shoe Store and founded the Russian Gospel Association in 1934. It was later renamed the Slavic Gospel Association (SGA). For many decades, SGA covertly distributed millions of Bibles and Christian books under the Iron Curtain into the hands of believers throughout the Soviet Union, while producing and broadcasting thousands of Christian radio programs over the Iron Curtain.

Then, in 1989 — just two years after his passing — the Lord answered Rev. Deyneka’s lifetime prayers and brought the Iron Curtain crashing down — surprising the entire world. SGA leaders and missionaries immediately began to seize the unprecedented new opportunities for reaching the people of the former Soviet Union for the glory of Christ. Under the leadership of Rev. Deyneka and his son, the late Peter Deyneka, Jr., SGA grew to become an international ministry with autonomous offices in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and England. Peter Jr. was instrumental in pressing forward with covert distribution of Bibles and Christian books behind the Iron Curtain, and developing a variety of Russian-language Christian programming for broadcast into the former Soviet Union from the powerful shortwave signals of HCJB, Far East Broadcasting Company, and TransWorldRadio. This included the Seminary of the Air and effective children’s programs. He also oversaw development of Russian-language Bible Correspondence Courses in partnership with Moody Bible Institute, as well as the Institute of Slavic Studies for U.S. college students in Wheaton, Illinois.

SGA continues to work primarily in the former Soviet nations of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, as well as serving Russian-speaking congregations in Israel. We provide Russian-language Bibles and Christian literature, provision of solid Bible training for pastors, church planters and church workers, sponsorship of church-planting missionaries, and sponsorship of youth and children’s ministries including outreach to orphans in state-run orphanages.. SGA partners also help provide funds to help churches purchase humanitarian aid for the orphanages.

Today we continue to faithfully share the Gospel, equip the church, and help the forgotten in Jesus’ name. Contact them at SGA, 6151 Commonwealth Drive, Loves Park, IL 61111 or phone 815-282-8900 or go to sga.org.

Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship believes that a restorative approach to prisoners, former prisoners, and all those affected by crime and incarceration can make communities safer and healthier. Our ministry is founded on the conviction that all people are created in God’s image and that no life is beyond God’s reach. As Christians, we believe that Jesus — Himself brought to trial, executed, buried, and brought to life again — offers hope, healing, and a new purpose for each life. He can make even the most broken people and situations whole again. Through an amazing awakening to new hope and life purpose, those who once broke the law are transformed and mobilized to serve their neighbors, replacing the cycle of crime with a cycle of renewal. Donate by mail at Prison Fellowship, PO Box 1550 Merrifield, VA 22116-1550 or visit the website at prisonfellowship.org.

Operation Heal Our Patriots

A trip to Alaska means a new start for many military veterans and their spouses. Throughout the summer, weary veterans and their spouses touch down in the wilderness of Alaska for a week of restoration of relationships with each other and with God. Throughout the week, these couples participate in Bible-based marriage enrichment training and counseling. They also have the opportunity to connect with other military families who are going through similar experiences. Through a mix of counseling, training, and once-in-a-lifetime wilderness adventures, these couples are provided an opportunity to reconnect with one another and find a closeness to God that they
may have lost during their service.

Operation Heal Our Patriots has been serving military families since 2012. They have welcomed
over 1,500 couples to their Alaskan lodge during the past decade. 672 participants have received Jesus
Christ as Lord and Savior, 799 have been baptized by our chaplains in Lake Clark, and 760 couples have recommitted their marriages to God.

One of the most important parts of this ministry is that their help does not stop once the couples leave Alaska. Operation Heal Our Patriots Family Care connects these couples with congregations near their homes, and continues to maintain contact with them long after their week in Alaska is over. The men and women serving in our military have made many sacrifices that enable us to have the freedom that we have today. Please consider making a donation to Operation Heal Our Patriots, as a means to help them reconnect with God and their loved ones after they return home from service.

This is a program of Samaritan’s Purse, website samaritanspurse.org.