Our Church By-Laws direct the Missions Committee to: assist the church in its mission of “Becoming Like Christ and Making Him Known.”…reaching out in Christian love and service to those in our own and around the world.  […] and providing education to the parishioners about a variety of social problems.

The Mission Moment for August will be one week later than usual after we have all enjoyed the Teen Challenge Men’s Choir concert on the third Sunday, August 15.  The Mission Moment presentation and collection for Teen Challenge will be Sunday, Aug. 22, during the worship service.

The choir will perform Aug. 15 at 4:30pm at the Sherman Town Park Pavilion. Teen Challenge Connecticut is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides hope and support through a 15-month residential program for young men, women and teens with life-controlling problems. They have been established for more than 60 years and have more than 240 centers in the United States and 1100 worldwide.

“We partner with hundreds of churches bringing live music and strong testimonies speaking of how God lifted us from our addictions to full restoration in our lives,” said Daniel Roell, church services coordinator for Teen Challenge Connecticut, based in New Haven.  “Our goal is educating the community while showing through our men’s testimonies how addiction can only be overcome by the healing power of God.”

The group also raises funds for the organization by Honorarium, love offering and the sale of products. You may donate through a check made out to The Sherman Church with Teen Challenge in the memo line or online with Teen Challenge in the Comments line.

The July Mission Moment was for the Hope Family Organization, a Christian nonprofit
based in Tanzania. It aims to support young kids and street children by providing a quality education, basic needs and restoring lost hope among the underprivileged, deprived and vulnerable members of society, especially orphaned children of any humanitarian assistance to the needy community exemplifying the core values of Jesus Christ. The Hope Family project was initiated in 2010 by Emmanuel (“Emma”) Kadinda Wapi when he was a student at the Lion of Judah Academy. At that time, he ministered in his free time to the street kids in nearby Mwanza with one of the LOJ missionary teachers, Kurt Wegner. Emma became passionate
about providing hope and encouragement to these kids by sharing the love of Christ with them and supporting them with their physical, psychological and spiritual needs.

Fast forward to 2021 and Emma has invested years into earning the education he needs to lead an organization that is still in its fledgling stages. While he hopes to eventually be able to buy land and build a home for orphans and street children, for now, he and his team visit kids in existing schools and orphanages in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza to share the importance of “good behavior and hard work” (the Hope Family motto). They are also making plans to run a
week-long kids camp in the near future. If you would like to give, please write a check to The Sherman Church with Hope Family Organization in the memo line or donate by credit card on our website, and put Hope Family Organization in the Comments box.

News from Christian Camping International and The Bruneaus
The Bruneaus are on home assignment until the end of the year. They will visit the United States in the October-to-December time frame. We are on the list to be visited Oct. 15-17. In the meantime:
· They visited their families in Panama, whom they haven’t seen in 2 years
· They were vaccinated while there. Robert conducted virtual workshops in Colombia reaching 360 participants
· They completed mentoring and discipleship workshops
· Robert is still developing CCI training
· They will participate in the 4th National Conference in Colombia for CCI leaders Sept. 3-5
· Nicole completed sophomore year of college with good grades
· Pray for wisdom in buying a car this month
· Pray for discernment in locating a new apartment.

Off to Tanzania!

by Hartford Inlow

Greetings, All –

The First Lion of Judah Academy Class

The First Class – 2001 — That’s Lynn on the left…with our very first group of students!

Hart and Lynn arrived safely in Tanzania as of July 15. “We are here, and well,” Hart emailed, “safe and sound and hard at work.” He is asking for prayer for the flooding which is still going on from Lake Victoria.

“The students returned after their long break between terms,” he wrote. “Term two classes actually resumed July 5, so please pray for the students and staff.

“As I mentioned in the last post, we have a team coming out for a dental training mission beginning Monday, July 26. [The dental team has arrived and has begun its work, as of July 27.]  About a dozen people will be traveling from the U.S. and other places between around July 21 and July 24.  Lots of arrangements to coordinate and logistics to work out.  Please pray for safe and uneventful travel, and for everything to go smoothly.  This is a pretty big project and something, I suspect, the devil would really enjoy confusing!  But we’re doing God’s work and trying hard to do it God’s way!  Please be asking God to help us keep our eyes on Him!

“Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and prayer!

“Blessings to you all.”  Lynn and Hart

Cru at Work

The following is a note from Nic and Christy Brenner on a need that can only be filled by a personal donation. Please read on:

“As the Lord allows, we hope to replace one of our minivans by the summer’s end, hopefully with another minivan or something bigger.  One of the tricky things right now pertaining to finances is that we’re unable to take any more salary than we’re already taking.  That said, if a donation comes into our Cru staff account with the intention of it helping our family purchase a van, we wouldn’t be able to access it because we’re already taking our maximum allowable pay.  The short explanation for this is due to Christy directing our local homeschool community, she had to slide over to an ‘affiliate’ role with Cru which reduced by half our maximum allowable salary. 

“All that said, if the church took up a special gift, we would need to receive it in the form of a cash or check made out to us in order to use it toward a vehicle. It’s not unusual in that we received gifts like this throughout the year.  The primary caveat is that giving to us personally doesn’t allow the donor to receive the same tax deduction because it’s given personally rather than through the Cru ministry.

Gratefully, Nic

Newsletter from Nic and Christy Brenner of CRU June/July 2021

Friends, Family and Partners for the Gospel,

Prayer and Praise: Cornell Affiliation. At the end of this past semester Cornell initiated a process whereby all religious groups affiliated with the University would need to reapply, per a rather restrictive set of parameters, in order to be reconsidered for acceptance into the Cornell
United Religious Works Department. My co-team leader, J.W. worked long and hard with many email exchanges between Cornell and Cru National, and in the end our staff team has all been
re-accepted to the role of chaplain giving us full access to do campus ministry, on-campus, with students, in the fall. Praise God!!!

Sabbatical and Seminary Summer: As I wrap up my sabbatical and seminary summer, and
anticipate the Fall ministry launch, pray that God would meet me and continue to grow
me as I seek Him. In His Grip, Nic and Christy


Pray for Jenny! As you may remember from our last prayer letter, we asked you to pray for Jenny Keegan who is a SUNY Cortland student on a Cru Summer Mission in Yellowstone National Park. In answer to your prayers, Jenny saw all of her financial support come in for the trip, and she has been living on mission and working in the park since early June. As some of you may know, our family just returned from a road trip that took us through the Badlands,
Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and Ft. Collins, CO., and one of the highlights of the trip was stopping into Yellowstone Lake Village to visit Jenny and hear/see what God has been doing in her life. There are a couple of things Jenny would love prayer for as you think of her in the weeks to come…

• Pray for strength and stamina for her and the other 23 Cru Summer Mission students. Yellowstone park is extremely understaffed due to COVID, and as a result, Jenny has had far more cottages to clean and is putting in very long days. • Pray for the relationships she’s building with those who don’t yet know Jesus. They’ve been able to connect with lots of co-workers and they’re seeing a resistance to the Gospel that they’re trusting God to break

Yellowstone National Park – 20 Years Later
Yellowstone National Park holds a prominent place in mine and Christy’s hearts. As a college student, I took part in the Cru Yellowstone Summer Mission in 2002 and it was that summer that the Lord rooted and grounded me in His love and gave me a heart for missions that has served as a foundation that my life is built on today. Christy served as a student-staff for the Yellowstone Summer Mission in 2000, and it was in those fives weeks that God showed her what He is able to do in and through her as she yielded everything to Him. Because of those things, as well as the incredible friends we made, the crazy adventures we experienced, and the love of God’s creation that was instilled in us, you could say we were more than excited to be back in the park and show our kids just what an amazing place it is.

Nicholas.Brenner@cru.org – Christy.Brenner@cru.org – Acct.#0584384

We support The Oratory of the Little Way, nestled right next door in Gaylordsville! Oratory of the Little Way

Other Overseas Missions: Latin American Mission. United World Mission.

Local Missions Quarterly Support:

  1. The Oratory of the Little Way (healing ministry, Gaylordsville, CT)
  2. Loaves and Fishes (New Milford Food Pantry) – Sherman Church is once again participating in their dinners once a month with sandwiches, snacks and fruit to be given out in place of dinners in the building. But Loaves & Fishes has not missed serving dinners even once despite COVID restrictions.
  3. Radio Bible Class (RBC)  (Daily Bread, bringing the Gospel around the World)

Special Collections:

On the third Sunday of each month, the congregation gives to special needs.

Examples of these collections include:  Hopeline, The Conservative Congregational Christian Church church multiplication; Westconn Ministries serving Danbury; Christian camps; Soldier Relief care packages; CRU Cornell University; Samaritan’s Purse Heal Our Patriots; Community Relief Christmas Eve Collection.  Every year the slate of special collection ministries is reviewed and revised.

Community Relief:

Through the generosity of many, we collect funds throughout the year for our neighbors, which is overseen by the Missions committee and the Pastor.  Monies are forwarded directly to services/vendors to help with heating, mortgage and other dire family needs.  With the economic downturn affecting so many, this ministry is crucial to alleviating want in our community; we feel God has truly blessed this ministry.

Other Special Projects:

Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, an outreach of Samaritan’s Purse; cookie plates given to those in need of cheer, get-well wishes, sympathy, or “Thank you for all you do.”

   Hopeline is accepting strollers and baby furniture. Cribs or car seats must be new.

In the words of one of our most loved past Mission Chairs, “Truly, you have loved one another.  May we all continue to grow and serve the Lord as we become like Christ and make him known.”