Our Church By-Laws direct the Missions Committee to: assist the church in its mission of “Becoming Like Christ and Making Him Known.”…reaching out in Christian love and service to those in our own and around the world.  […] and providing education to the parishioners about a variety of social problems.

Local Missions: we support Loaves and Fishes of New Milford and others in need through regular donations and hands-on support, including donations to our Community Relief Fund. To find out more about helping those in need, contact our church office or Sherman Social Services.

We also regularly support The Oratory of the Little Way, a Christian retreat center.

Broader Missions: we support Christian Camping in Medellin, Columbia, The Lion of Judah Academy in Tanzania, Africa, and in the United States we support CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) at Cornell University and SUNY Cortland.

Please donate to Veterans

A Military Donation Bin is set up in the Fellowship Hall or Veterans at the Veterans Hospital in West Haven. There is a list of suggested items in the bin and on the bulletin board. Items will be picked up and delivered to the VA Hospital.

Veteran donations will be shipped to West Haven VA Medical Center, Voluntary Services (135), 950 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CT 06516, to the attention of Mark Frazee.

Also be aware that some online stores like Amazon will ship free of charge to any active duty military as long as they have an address to send to. Feel free to use this one if you don’t know of any others:

Officer John Henry Reynolds
USS Cole (DDG 67)
Unit 100303 Box 2026
FPO AE 09566

Below are some of our missionary’s newsletters. Enjoy!

2022 is the 20th Anniversary of The Lion of Judah Academy!

The actual celebration activities are planned in November. Lynn and I will be going over, and we want to welcome anyone else who might like to come over. I think it will be a very special time. Co-incidental to that is the fact that the board is preparing to launch a program to develop what will be the final “piece” of the vision God gave to us 20+ years ago, when we first started: a vocational training school. We have always believed God wanted a vocational training school to be part of The Lion of Judah Academy…but for 20 years there has always seemed to be something more urgent.

This vocational school will begin relatively small, but our hope, prayer and anticipation is that it will be a turning point toward helping the school become more self sufficient…and that is one of our long-term goals – for the school to be, by God’s grace, self sufficient financially.

What we envision is offering students who have no interest in university level studies, but are more inclined to trades and entrepreneurship, have an educationally strong, Christ centered environment in which to learn trades and vocations ranging from auto mechanics, plumbing, and electricity, to tailoring and clerical skills, then onto nursing, dental technician, and others.

We have been working to develop the kind of reputation and relationships which can be a solid foundation for this effort. We need some additional classrooms – which we believe we already have funded. We need to register the school, find the necessary equipment and resources, find good teachers…then get started.

Lynn and I hope this could become a reality before the end of this year. Again…starting small…but excited to see where God might take things.

We have no illusions God is finishing developing the school and the ministry!  When I say “final piece,” I’m merely referring to the last item of the original vision God gave us back in 2001.  He has added many “new pieces” since then, and we are confident there will be more!

There are real challenges, however.

1, We are finding ourselves more and more compelled to minister to the needs of poor clergy and church worker families…and there is no end to the needs.  But they are unable to make significant financial contributions to the work. Unfortunately, our resources are always limited. So…money for school fees is an ongoing and unending challenge.

2. That always becomes more intense in times of drought and food shortage issues…and Tanzania is finding itself, once again, in a time of food shortages and drought.

Your prayers are always much appreciated for those things.

Note: Magreth, wife of a board member of LOJ is ready to travel to India for a life-saving kidney transplant. Hart had asked for donations last month, and all $27,000 has been raised. Praise God!

Thank you! Hart Inlow

Cru at Work

Friends, Family and Partners for the Gospel,

Our family just returned home yesterday from a weekend visit to First Congregational Church of Ossipee NH, a church we love and that has partnered with us since the beginning of our time with Cru.  It was their “missions weekend,” and what a fantastic time we had connecting with friends and hearing about God’s work around the world!

Last weekend was the return of our Cru Cornell and SUNY Cortland February Retreat.  Check out the attached prayer letter for the story of how we saw God move and what an inspiring time it was for us as staff.  Below is a picture of a few of the ladies holding my family’s new batch of baby chicks… you can never go wrong having small cute pets on hand to lift student’s spirits 🙂

A highlight from the last few weeks has been the Outreach Events the students have been holding at SUNY Cortland.  Lots of great conversations have happened as students like these below (left to right: Tiarra, Elizabeth and Tarik) have been stepping out to initiate conversations with their classmates and trusting God for opportunities to make Him known.  

Bible Club

And lastly, there is a student named Adonis Carassco that will be attending the Cru Headquarters Summer Internship this coming summer (you can check out his story in the attached prayer letter).  I could tell stories of Adonis for hours of the ways God has been at work in his life.  If you would like to  support him financially to take part in the Summer Internship, you can do that here.

Christy and I are grateful for you and the ways you’ve come alongside us this semester.  Thank you for the prayers and words of encouragement as we continue to trust God to raise up the next generation for Christ.

In Him, Nic and Christy–

February 2022 CRU Prayer Letter: