Our Church By-Laws direct the Missions Committee to: assist the church in its mission of “Becoming Like Christ and Making Him Known.”…reaching out in Christian love and service to those in our own and around the world.  […] and providing education to the parishioners about a variety of social problems.

Local Missions: we support Loaves and Fishes of New Milford and others in need through regular donations and hands-on support, including donations to our Community Relief Fund. To find out more about helping those in need, contact our church office or Sherman Social Services.

Broader Missions: we support Christian Camping in Medellin, Columbia, The Lion of Judah Academy in Tanzania, Africa, and in the United States we support CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) at Cornell University and SUNY Cortland.

Each month we choose a special project and collect a second offering during the worship service to support that project. Oftentimes these special projects are a call to help those suffering a current and extreme loss such as through war or natural disaster.

Please donate to Veterans

A Military Donation Bin is set up in the Fellowship Hall or Veterans at the Veterans Hospital in West Haven. There is a list of suggested items in the bin and on the bulletin board. Items will be picked up and delivered to the VA Hospital.

Veteran donations will be shipped to West Haven VA Medical Center, Voluntary Services (135), 950 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CT 06516, to the attention of Mark Frazee.

Also be aware that some online stores like Amazon will ship free of charge to any active duty military as long as they have an address to send to. Feel free to use this one if you don’t know of any others:

Officer John Henry Reynolds
USS Cole (DDG 67)
Unit 100303 Box 2026
FPO AE 09566

Missionary Newsletters:

Mission Update

August 24, 2022

I’ve just received word — including some photos and video — indicating that Margaret is on her way to India…perhaps has even arrived by now.

Mtebe sent several photos of her leaving Dar es Salaam airport, including several well wishers, her husband (our board member) and her donor/nephew.

I’ll get those better organized and identified, and out to you soon. But I didn’t want to wait to pass along the news that the process is now under way. Mtebe indicated the hospital wanted Margaret and her nephew there about two weeks early for testing and other preparations. Kambila, her husband, will be joining them in 10 days or so. So the timeframe is about two weeks away, it appears. I’ll send more later. Thanks for your support and your prayers.

Hart Inlow

Magreth getting ready to travel to India!WE have been praying for her liver transplant for a long time and now it is looking like it will happen.  Thought you would all like to hear the update from Lion of Judah.

Friday, August 5, 2022 2:01 PM

Subject: Magreth getting ready to travel to India! Lynn and I just got off the phone with Mtebe.Magreth (they spell her name closer to  Margaret, but pronounce it more like we are pronouncing) expects to be on her way to India soon.  The donor is not her sister, but instead what we would consider a nephew.  He did not provide a specific timeframe or date, but says it is becoming imminent. We’ll keep you posted.

Dear Friends,

Classes are going well, and will break soon for the summer break. This is off schedule somewhat from normal years because this is a census year in Tanzania and all school children are expected to be at their for the census…which required changing the schedule!  We believe the second term will begin as normal on about July 4.

Form 6 graduation was in May. All our students qualified for university studies and most have already been accepted and are making plans. This is truly extraordinary for any school in Tanzania. It speaks volumes about the quality of our students and the education they are receiving.

One of the very exciting realizations we had last summer while at the school was to see how many of our alumni have returned to the school following their university studies, to join the teaching staff. We had hoped this would happen, and it is!

We are also the only school we know of in the country that has an alumni organization. We not only have one, but it is VERY active.

Dining Hall – construction of this major multi-purpose campus building is nearly completed

Vocational School – since we started the school we have believed it should include a vocation-technical training school for graduates who have no interest in university, but want to pursue more specifically career oriented studies. We expect that project to launch before the end of 2022

Those are the highlights

Now, some “not so great news”…and the need for prayer…

Tanzania, along with all of East Africa, is experiencing the impact of the world-wide food crisis. And we are feeding 500+ kids!  This is putting a very severe strain on our financial resources. Basically we don’t have enough money to pay for food and pay our teachers. God must know the way through this extremely challenging time, but so far, we are not seeing it. We do have a couple of donors who have stepped forward with significant contributions, but even that is not going to be enough.

Salaries – on top of that, though gratefully not immediate, Tanzania has announced an across the board teacher salary increase of over 25%. While we are not bound by this, one of the reasons we have been able to attract a very high quality teaching staff is our commitment to always pay our teachers above what they would earn in a government school. This will not go into effect for a few months…but when times does come we have no idea where that money will come from.

Finally, a terrible accident took the life of one of our former students, who was doing medical training. He was not only a beloved former student, he was also the son of one of our school board members and one of the very closest friends Lynn and I have.

It was tragic. The school community finds itself heart-broken.

Please pray for the Wallace family, and the school community, as they grieve.

Thank you for your support and prayers,

Hart Inlow, on behalf of The Lion of Judah Academy

2022 is the 20th Anniversary of The Lion of Judah Academy!

The actual celebration activities are planned in November. Lynn and I will be going over, and we want to welcome anyone else who might like to come over. I think it will be a very special time. Co-incidental to that is the fact that the board is preparing to launch a program to develop what will be the final “piece” of the vision God gave to us 20+ years ago, when we first started: a vocational training school. We have always believed God wanted a vocational training school to be part of The Lion of Judah Academy…but for 20 years there has always seemed to be something more urgent.

This vocational school will begin relatively small, but our hope, prayer and anticipation is that it will be a turning point toward helping the school become more self sufficient…and that is one of our long-term goals – for the school to be, by God’s grace, self sufficient financially.

What we envision is offering students who have no interest in university level studies, but are more inclined to trades and entrepreneurship, have an educationally strong, Christ centered environment in which to learn trades and vocations ranging from auto mechanics, plumbing, and electricity, to tailoring and clerical skills, then onto nursing, dental technician, and others.

We have been working to develop the kind of reputation and relationships which can be a solid foundation for this effort. We need some additional classrooms – which we believe we already have funded. We need to register the school, find the necessary equipment and resources, find good teachers…then get started.

Lynn and I hope this could become a reality before the end of this year. Again…starting small…but excited to see where God might take things.

We have no illusions God is finishing developing the school and the ministry!  When I say “final piece,” I’m merely referring to the last item of the original vision God gave us back in 2001.  He has added many “new pieces” since then, and we are confident there will be more!

There are real challenges, however.

1, We are finding ourselves more and more compelled to minister to the needs of poor clergy and church worker families…and there is no end to the needs.  But they are unable to make significant financial contributions to the work. Unfortunately, our resources are always limited. So…money for school fees is an ongoing and unending challenge.

2. That always becomes more intense in times of drought and food shortage issues…and Tanzania is finding itself, once again, in a time of food shortages and drought.

Your prayers are always much appreciated for those things.

Note: Magreth, wife of a board member of LOJ, has had a setback in her kidney disease. Her relative, who had agreed to give her one kidney, became so frightened of having this surgery that she backed out.  Magreth is now living in Dar es Salaam and is on dialysis 3 times a week.  They are praying that a new kidney donor can be found, or that the relative may change her mind.   So keep praying.

Thank you! Hart Inlow

Cru: Campus Crusade for Christ at Cornell and SUNY Cortland

Summer Share and Prayers for the Fall Semester

Friends, Family and Partners for the Gospel,

Where has the summer gone?!  Ours was an eventful one for sure and whether you’re bummed out or looking forward to the summer wrapping up, Christy and I hope you can look back and see the goodness of the Lord who’s ever-present in our lives.

Just a few weeks ago our family made the drive home from Milwaukee, WI where we connected with some old friends (Bryan and Becky!), caught-up with former students (Albert!), and were reminded of just how great our God is as we attended the Cru22 National Conference.

In our attached prayer letter we give a few highlights from the conference but what we’re really excited to share are a few of the talks that we heard that we trust will bless your life.

The first is a talk by Cru affiliate staff and Penn State professor Heather Holleman.  This is a talk that God used in a significant way while we were in Milwaukee.  Here’s the quick story…  It was Thursday morning when I walked out to our Honda minivan to find the back window smashed out and a handful of things stolen.  There wasn’t much that could be done at that point, so my good buddy J.W. headed off to the session while I waited for the officer to arrive.  As I waited with the van and Heather began her talk in the arena, I received a text from J.W.  He wrote, “Heather Holleman talking about how God arranges bad/good things so we can meet people who don’t know Jesus.  Very applicable!”  God used that text to lift my eyes to “things unseen,” beyond the frustration of my car being vandalized to the “good works God has planned in advance to walk in.”  My conversation with the police officer and the young guy I met at the glass repair shop that day were ordained and God opened doors to pray for these guys and share about Jesus.  Praise God for how He works!

Click on This Link to watch Heather’s talk called “Living as Sent Ones.”  The talk is “Session 5” and go to timestamp 1:05:00 to watch… or feel free to watch the entire session!

The other short video that will lift your eyes to the ability of God to redeem is the story of Kevin Minske who met Christ while in prison serving time for murder.  It’s a short, 5 minute video that tells like a modern day Apostle Paul conversion story.  Click Here to watch that video.

Lastly, as Christy and I exited the arena following one of the sessions, we ran into Dan Allen who gives leadership to the Cru headquarters Summer Mission.  If you remember a few months back we shared about Adonis Carrasco, a SUNY Cortland senior who was raising support to attend the summer mission Dan Allen leads.  It was a glorious moment hearing from Dan how Adonis was thriving and how much he had grown as a Christ-follower and leader.  Looking back on the ways Adonis struggled in college, it’s miraculous to witness in tangible ways the redemptive work of the Lord.  If you would like to see what went on at the headquarters summer mission, Click Here to read the prayer letter Adonis and his team of interns put together.  It’s awesome!

Thanks for taking the time to read, pray, and invest in the lives of college students.  You’re an integral part of what’s happening on campus and we couldn’t do it without you!

In Him,

Nic and Christy 

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