Our Church By-Laws direct the Missions Committee to: assist the church in its mission of “Becoming Like Christ and Making Him Known.”…reaching out in Christian love and service to those in our own and around the world.  […] and providing education to the parishioners about a variety of social problems.

News from Christian Camping International and The Bruneaus

The Bruneaus visited the United States and our church Oct. 15-17. Also:
· They visited their families in Panama, whom they haven’t seen in 2 years
· They were vaccinated while there. Robert conducted virtual workshops in Colombia reaching 360 participants
· They completed mentoring and discipleship workshops
· Robert is still developing CCI training
· They participated in the 4th National Conference in Colombia for CCI leaders Sept. 3-5
· Nicole completed sophomore year of college with good grades
· They were able to buy a car!
· Pray for discernment in locating a new apartment.

Off to Tanzania!

by Hartford Inlow

Greetings, All –

The First Class – 2001 — That’s Lynn on the left…with our very first group of students!

Hart and Lynn arrived safely in Tanzania as of July 15. “We are here, and well,” Hart emailed, “safe and sound and hard at work.” He is asking for prayer for the flooding which is still going on from Lake Victoria.

“The students returned after their long break between terms,” he wrote. “Term two classes actually resumed July 5, so please pray for the students and staff.

“As I mentioned in the last post, we have a team coming out for a dental training mission beginning Monday, July 26. [The dental team has arrived and has begun its work, as of July 27.]  About a dozen people will be traveling from the U.S. and other places between around July 21 and July 24.  Lots of arrangements to coordinate and logistics to work out.  Please pray for safe and uneventful travel, and for everything to go smoothly.  This is a pretty big project and something, I suspect, the devil would really enjoy confusing!  But we’re doing God’s work and trying hard to do it God’s way!  Please be asking God to help us keep our eyes on Him!

“Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and prayer!

“Blessings to you all.”  Lynn and Hart

Cru at Work

Newsletter from Nic and Christy Brenner of CRU September/October 2021

Friends, Family and Partners for the Gospel,
Last week’s Fall Getaway was absolutely fantastic!  “The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much,” James 5:16… that’s a fact 🙂
During the weekend we saw students deeply impacted by Larry Lin’s teaching, by the Lifelines experiential learning activities, by the fellowship and hang-time, and by the opportunity to be off campus and be together. 

Just this past weekend our family spent time in Mt. Bethel, PA with other Cru staff from New York City and state.  John and Laura Iamaio, who give leadership to our cohort, did a fantastic job setting up a weekend where we pressed into the suffering we’ve all experienced in the past year and a half while fixing our eyes on Christ, who identifies with every bit of what we’re going through as ministers of the Gospel.  It’s a special privilege to be on staff alongside such humble and faithful people who love students in some really hard places/campuses.  
Here’s a great pic of a few of those people (left to right: Christy with Kiley Hanje who serves in Rochester, Steph Betts who’s with us in Ithaca, and Jen Lamb who serves in Buffalo).


Christy and I are excited to share with you a snapshot of the past six weeks on campus, as well as to update you all on what these weeks have been like personally for us.
If you’d like, drop us a note on how we can be praying for you.
Thanks a million for your ongoing partnership and care, making possible all that we do, by His grace.
Nic and Christy

Prayer and Praise: Former Mormons Please pray for two TC3 students who just stepped out of the
Mormon church and who joined us at the Fall Getaway. Both of these students are taking some
clear, intentional steps in their pursuit of knowing Christ. Pray that the Cru community would
come around them in a way that is loving and shows a compelling witness for the love of Christ.
Mental Health: Yesterday I had a discipleship appointment with two students who have been struggling
significantly with anxiety and mental health. These are two leaders that I wouldn’t have suspected but am fully aware are not immune from the emotional and mental struggles that exist for so many students.
Pray that God would be giving us wisdom to know how to best come alongside students and shepherd them toward Christ and the peace that He offers.

Biblical Manhood at the IronMan: What is a real man??? The majority of guys in our Cru Movements and society at large lack a solid, God glorifying understanding of true masculinity. Culture’s depiction makes men out to be passive and childish or self-realized and immune to weakness. As a result, “the
majority of men lead lives of quiet desperation” (H.D. Thoreau), and grasping for a true meaning of
masculinity. The beauty of the Christian message is that Jesus was the true man and when we look to Him we see masculinity personified. A few weeks ago we held our annual Cru IronMan. During the time the guys from Cornell, Cortland and Ithaca College had the opportunity to gather together to experience aspects of masculinity. They were given different challenges (wood splitting, bench building, planking competition, log carrying race, paintball, chariot building, cooking) that related to different aspects of manhood such as serving others, enduring, being submissive to God’s good design, and laying down our own interests for the interests of others. It was awesome to see men make connections between Jesus, the perfect man, and the life he calls them into.

The First 6 Weeks! We call the first six weeks on campus, “The First Cycle of Momentum.” The reason for that is because during these weeks the majority of our time and energy and prayer is directed toward building relationships with incoming students and welcoming them to campus and to Cru. Being on the backside of the pandemic, it was clear that students are hungry to connect and be known. Our first event of the semester was the Cru Pizza Bash. The local Dominoes donated dozens of pizza and by the end of the outreach we served 500 slices and connected with tons of students. We love that it’s an opportunity to bless the campus and make students aware that there’s a Jesus-loving community on their campus. One student who has been plugging in with Cru and who helped serve is Tarik. Tarik started hanging out
with another student year and God used that friendship to open his eyes to his need for Jesus to be central, not just an add on to life. Tarik is taking big steps in his journey with Jesus and it’s been highlight of the year. Our next event was the opportunity the University gives us to reach out and meet new students at the Club Fair. We met dozens of students, and a handful of them came looking for us! Sage, Jean, Ben and Elijah are all students that we met at the table that day and have been showing up and plugging in. Please be praying that as our students live visible lives for Jesus, others would be compelled to want to know the source of their joy, peace, and love they have for those around them!
181 Lake Road, Dryden NY 13053 – Nicholas.Brenner@cru.org – Christy.Brenner@cru.org – Acct.#0584384

On the Home Front: Maybe more than any start to a year of campus ministry, this one has been the most challenging for Christy and I. There are a number of factors for this but the primary one is that during the pandemic students were very difficult to reach because they were home studying remotely. Now that we’re back on campus, after about a year and a half hiatus, the ministries in many ways are back to a rebuilding stage at SUNY Cortland and Cornell. Rebuilding and pioneering ministry is not easy… especially in the Northeast! It takes a certain level of zeal and passion as we equip students to see the opportunity to be disciples that make disciples. Pray for us that we would remain faithful and
reliant on God for energy and vision to do what He’s called us to. It’s in moments like these that we’re so grateful for our staff team who labor alongside us. Our kids have had a great start to the fall school year. They’re all enrolled in Classical Conversations again, and Jack is taking a class at the local Christian School where he plays on the boys soccer team there. One exciting moment recently was that Charlie and Max were baptized, and I (Nic) got to baptize them!

Nicholas Brenner
Cru Staff
Cornell University / SUNY Cortland603.969.0196

181 Lake Road, Dryden NY 13053 – Nicholas.Brenner@cru.org – Christy.Brenner@cru.org – Acct.#0584384