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Our Church By-Laws direct the Missions and Social Action Committee to:

… assist the church in its mission of “Becoming Like Christ and Making Him Known.”…reaching out in Christian love and service to those in our own and around the world.  […] and providing education to the parishioners about a variety of social problems.

We support The Oratory of the Little Way, nestled right next door in Gaylordsville!

Jazz Soiree – The Oratory of the Little Way held their annual “Jazz Soiree” this past July.  This year the Soiree was held at the Sherman Church.  Here are some videos of the terrific music and fellowship!

Click here to see Jazz soiree videos!

Lion of Judah

Mtebe and Pili

Josephales Mtebe, director of Lion of Judah Academy

Bulima, Tanzania, and his wife, Pili. 

Other Overseas Missions:

  1. Latin America Mission
  2. United World Mission
  3. Lion of Judah (Tanzania, Africa) — 53+ students are supported by our congregation in addition to helping with facilities improvements such as water

Local Missions and Social Action Quarterly Support:

  1. The Oratory of the Little Way (healing ministry, Gaylordsville, CT)
  2. Loaves and Fishes (New Milford Food Pantry)
  3. Radio Bible Class (RBC)  (Daily Bread, bringing the Gospel around the World)

Special Collections:

On the third Sunday of each month, the congregation gives to special needs.

Examples of these collections include:  Hopeline, The Conservative Congregational Christian Church emergency fund; Westconn Ministries serving Danbury; Christian camps; Soldier Relief care packages; CRU Cornell University; Community Relief Christmas Eve Collection.  Every year the slate of special collection ministries is reviewed and revised.

Community Relief:

Through the generosity of many, we collect funds throughout the year for our neighbors, which is overseen by the Missions committee and the Pastor.  Monies are forwarded directly to services/vendors to help with heating, mortgage and other dire family needs.  With the economic downturn affecting so many, this ministry is crucial to alleviating want in our community; we feel God has truly blessed this ministry.

Other Special Projects:

Christmas Boxes for World Vision; cookie plates given to those in need of cheer, get well wishes, sympathy, or “thank you for all you do”.

In the words of one of our most loved past Mission Chairs, “Truly, you have loved one another.  May we all continue to grow and serve the Lord as we become like Christ and make him known.”

Links to Some of the Missions Mentioned Above:

United World Mission

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Lion of Judah Christian School, Tanzania  and information also can be found here:  LOJ

Oratory of the Little Way