Come Worship with Us at The Sherman Congregational Church

The Rev. Bernie Powell, Interim Pastor, and wife Cheryl return to retirement and their home in Massachusetts.  We will miss them! We welcome Pastor Mark Horton back to the pulpit for September, and both Pastor Rich Woodward and Pastor John Roy for October.  Visit our “Pastors” tab for more information!

Events Coming Soon!

Grief share will begin on October 25th and run 13 weeks for those who have lost a family member through death. Led by Keith Barton we will meet at noon in the Sherman church parlor. Sessions are 90 minutes and include a video and discussion and are open to Sherman, New Fairfield and New Milford communities. Participant guides are free. Call or text Keith at 281.773.8837 to register.

In celebration of our 275th anniversary, the Book of Remembrance had a new walkway constructed. 

Below: dedication ceremony officiated by Rev. Bernie Powell.  Mr. and Mrs. Don Coons in the background.