Stewardship: helping the Church family know and participate in the physical spaces in which God’s Church worships.

Fall and Spring Cleanup: so many hands make light work!  Inside and outside squeaky clean

Church Building: an old building requires constant love and attention.

Church Office: the special space for Pastor and Secretary; the place where visitors might first come to see and visit us.

Parsonage: our seated permanent pastor has a lovely vintage colonial home just one mile from the chapel.

Grounds: beautiful country grounds and drive; parking and wooded lots.

Sexton: our sexton cares for all the small things that often go unnoticed: light bulbs, locking and unlocking doors, cleaning and setting up the space for services, and more.

Investments, Treasurer: generous donations have provided us with an investment fund to help offset the costs of the buildings and grounds; regular work to pray and manage in and outflows for His Kingdom.

Auditor: our ByLaws provide for an auditing team to help us stay healthy and just.