We have been recently blessed to be led by Christ-centered, Biblically-based worship services given by Pastors Mark Horton, John Roy, Rich Woodward and Bernie Powell.  Charles Mastroni and Jack Hall will also be preaching the Word during November, and Sara Coons joins us in December.  We invite you come see what is happening at Sherman Church, to meet our Church Family, and hear an inspirational message that Christ has in mind for you!

Charles Mastroni and Jack Hall will be preaching during November.  Jack and his wife Kathy were active members for many years until moving south to be closer to family.  Jack returns for a Sherman visit with a newly acquired Divinity Degree.  Charles has been active as a deacon, Bible study leader and preacher for the last two decades at the Sherman Church.   Sara Coons will preach in December while here celebrating Christmas with her family; Don Coons, Edna Coons, and Carolyn Walsh. She serves on the regional New England CCCC board and manages the denominational facebook page to share life happenings across all our churches. Come hear these fine speaker/leaders bring you God’s message.

sara coons


Sara Coons is a longtime active member, having contributed for years to the choir, youth group and christian education team. She is a licensed CCCC minister currently serving at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.





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The Rev. Dr. Mark A. Horton is currently a Pastoral Associate at Green Valley Presbyterian church in Green Valley, Arizona. He served the Sherman Church as Transition Pastor in 2000-2001. He lead the WestConn Christian Ministry for 20 years and also taught Humanities and Philosophy at Western Connecticut State University  He retired in 2017. 



Pastor John Roy and wife Darlene.


For over 25 years I worked at the Torrington Company in various capacities in Information Systems.  At the age of 51 God called me to ministry and I attended Asbury Theological Seminary I n Kentucky. After seminary I served in East and West Granby UMC for four years followed by ten years in Westhampton UMC in Long Island.  My wife Darlene and I have now been retired for six years.  In retirement God has called me to working with the homeless and needy in several Torrington organizations. In addition, I have had the pleasure of preaching in over 15 area churches. 

Pastor Rich Woodward and wife Martha:

Rev. Richard H. Woodward: Was born in Detroit the eldest of four boys, graduated from Royal Oak Kimball High School, Central Michigan University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.“Pastor Rich” served as pastor in East Freetown Congregational Christian Church and was the pastor of the Evangelical Congregational Church of Dunstable, Massachusetts from 1989 to 2013. In September 2014, he became the intentional Interim Pastor at Greenwoods Community Church in Ashley Falls Massachusetts.  In October 2016 he became interim of the Sherman Congregational Church.  He is married to Martha, and they have three grown children and two grandchildren.  He enjoys hiking, swimming, reading and playing with his grandchildren.  He is living in the Lime Rock Village section of Salisbury, Connecticut.

Pastor Bernie Powell and wife Cheryl have blessed us with their incredible gifts. They are off to return to their home in Massachusetts and an active retirement! Below are photos of our special coffee hour send-off: