Christmas Eve Services: 7:30pm-Family Christmas Eve Celebration (geared toward children and families). 10:00pm – Traditional service of Lessons and Carols.

Community Relief Fund: With the holidays approaching, it seems especially appropriate to turn our attention to those among us who are struggling with material needs.

The Community Relief Fund provides an opportunity to turn faith into action by making emergency relief resources available to people in our own community.  Whether there is a need for heating oil on a cold winter day or help with a mortgage payment or the day-to-day necessities of food and clothing, the Community Relief Fund exists to provide comfort and assistance where it is most needed.

No cash is dispersed directly from the Fund.  Instead, the Fund is used to advance credit in the area where assistance is required – for instance, at the IGA or with a home oil provider.

The Fund is administered by the Missions Committee and the Pastor and they work closely with the Town of Sherman’s Social Service Department to identify critical needs.

At each of the two Christmas Eve services, there will be a collection taken for the ministry of Community Relief and donations are certainly welcome all year round.  Thank you!