Special Project of the Month

On the third Sunday of each month, a “Mission Moment” is presented, outlining a special mission in need. The Church passes the collection plate to support the special mission. This is referred to as our “second collection”. This gives our Church family the opportunity to support between 11 and 12 additional important missions during the year. Below is information about the next monthly special missions project.

November Mission Moment:

November Mission Moment: Hungerford Place: Hungerford Place was organized in 1993 by seven individuals and endorsed by the town’s three churches at the time. It was established to provide food assistance and basic necessities to people in need. The group named the organization after the Hungerford family, highly esteemed for generations in Sherman. Originally, Hungerford Place was an actual food pantry where the community donated food for people in need. After many years, Hungerford changed and now gives out grocery gift cards because there is no longer space to house the food. At Thanksgiving the Sherman Social Services Department and Hungerford (administered through our church) work together to provide a Thanksgiving basket for each family and senior in town in need.

Our Mission Moment Nov. 21 will be dedicated to Hungerford. We have provided 40 $25 grocery gift cards for this Thanksgiving. Your donation will go toward providing grocery gift cards to be handed out to those in need throughout the year. Please make your check out to The Sherman Church, with Hungerford Place in the memo line or donate online at shermanchurch.org and put Hungerford Place in the Comments line.

Missionary Summary
Bruneaus of Christian Camping International and United World Mission in Latin America
Robert Bruneau’s schedule of trainings continues virtually. Robert began the “Living My Strengths” workshop for pastors and leaders. They taught “The rules of the Brain”- how to teach the way the brain learns to 40 participants to help better their teaching. They continue to mentor students and disciple believers. They are counseling two new couples in the marriage ministry. They blessed 37 families with bags of food.  They are planning “The Joy of Teamwork” workshop.  They will teach “Building Relationships” course July to September.  They plan to visit the US in Fall – (October to December)