Praying During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Prayer for the Sick and Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones


Today we pray for those who are suffering from the ravages of the Corona Virus.  We ask that you bring healing to those who are currently suffering from this virus.  Lord, help their bodies stay strong. Help them fight this illness. Turn the sick to you in their hour of need and save them both physically and spiritually. 

We ask that you comfort those who have a loved one currently suffering or have already lost someone dear to them.  Give them the peace that only you can give.

We ask that you remove this disease from the world as quickly as possible.  Help us to follow recommendations so that we may be free from the threat that Covid-19 currently poses to our world.

You are the Great Healer.  You alone have the power to cure all disease.  We ask that, if it be your will, you will slow the spread and hasten the discovery of a remedy.

In the name of your son, Jesus, we pray these things, Amen

A Prayer for the Elderly 

Heavenly Father, 

For many reasons we realize that our elders are more susceptible to COVID-19 than are the young.  If we are honest with ourselves we admit that, in this country, we do not honor our fathers and mothers as you have instructed us.  The elderly are encouraged to seek early retirement so that the young can take their place.  

You call on us to seek wisdom from our elders and yet we have not sought their guidance.  Instead, we have turned to those with knowledge necessary for our complex, computer driven and digital world.   Remind us Lord that throughout scripture you tell us that wisdom comes with years of life.  

Help us to honor the dignity, wisdom, perspective, and humanity that comes with our elderly population, those most prone to this disease.  Help us to listen, to love, to encourage and to show we care by taking the time to virtually visit, make phone calls, write letters and pray with and for them.  May we continue to learn from their stories. 

We thank you for those in these great generations that have seen things we cannot even imagine and have been through troubles that may even pale to our current crisis.  Help us to share the love of Christ with this special group.

In the name of our Savior Jesus, Amen

A Prayer for the Children 


We are so thankful that for whatever reason and your mercy, this virus isn’t as susceptible to children as it is to others.  We see in this your kindness and your grace. We know, however, that our children are highly affected. As schools close, they may miss a meal or two that they depend on.  So we pray together the prayer You taught us to pray, “give them this day their daily bread.” Sustain them, Lord Jesus.

Lord, give them not only sustenance but community.  Keep them away from evil. Hinder those that would prey on them.  We pray for protection for our kids as they enter into an online world out of necessity and, therefore, may be more exposed to more evil than ever before.  

Help us to be like the little children.  Increase our faith. Remind us that we are your adopted sons and daughters.  Help us to trust you like a child trusts their parents. May we call on You, our Father, asking, seeking and sharing our love for You.  Remind us to trust You through this crisis and to follow You with childlike faith.

In Jesus blessed name we pray, Amen

A Prayer for the Lost 

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, 

We pray today for the Lost. For those who feel unloved, unwanted and unseen. We pray for those who feel like they don’t belong. Those who are on the outskirts of society and popularity. We pray that they may see that you can give healing.  May they seek you. 

We pray for those who don’t know you, your grace, mercy, and kindness.  Give them a fresh look at your kingdom. Show them that you truly are the King of Kings.  We pray that you intercede on our behalf by placing people of God and situations of enlightenment into the lives of those who do not yet know you, especially our loved ones and family members.  

Gracious Father, please help us to be those people that bring the good news to the lost, answering the prayers of those offering up this same prayer for those they love.  Please give us the courage, at this time, to set aside vanity, remove our fear of embarrassment, and help us to use every opportunity you are now giving us to share your love with each lost soul we meet.

In the name Jesus, we pray, Amen

A Prayer for Health Care Workers 


Today we pray for all those on the front lines, caring for the health of all.  Bless the scientists, nurses, doctors, office staff, pharmacists, and researchers.  Some are working countless hours around the clock for us. They go into battle every day to protect and to guide.  Strengthen their hands to do your work. Give them patience and strength. Make their minds sharp, their hearts sensitive, and their hands steady.  

When they go home after long shifts let them know that they’ve done well.  Give them the rest they need to keep them strong. Protect their loved ones so they do not have to choose service over family.  Help them be sensitive, caring, and sensible so others are put at ease. Thank you for their training, their love, and their care.  We ask that you would watch over them today and every day until you heal our world. 

In the name of Christ, our Great Physician, Amen

A Prayer for the Leaders 

Lord and Master, 

We are called to pray together for our leaders.  Be with our health care leaders who are present on the front lines of this disease.  Be with our political leaders who are making decisions that impact the lives and livelihoods of their constituents.  Be with our religious leaders who continue to reach out to show others that God’s love is greater than any disease.

Those in authority bear a great responsibility.  They are expected to know all of the answers without having all of the facts.  They are to bring certainty to those who are anxious and freedom to those who feel constraint.  They are consistently second guessed and challenged. Lord, you know that very few people give them the benefit of the doubt.  Many of our leaders are burdened by having information and trying to decide how it is distributed. Many conversely are burdened by not having information and yet still having to make decisions.  Either way, their burden is overwhelming, and we are called to pray for them. 

During this time, Lord, help them to be surrounded by wise counselors.  For with many counselors, a plan succeeds. Give them right and accurate information and facts. Give them peace of mind that allows them to sleep at night.  Help them to make wise choices for those under their care. Help guide our leaders to a greater good. Help their service shine a light on the glory of God. Above all help them serve with humility and gentleness, emulating Christ.  For you are our ultimate leader, the king of the universe, having a servant heart, humble, gracious, and kind. May our leaders and the leaders of all nations pattern themselves after you. 

In the name of our Master, Jesus Christ, Amen

A Prayer for the Least of These 


We pray this day for those whom no one is watching after; the orphan kids, the single moms, the elderly, those in isolation whom no one is visiting.  We pray that You would be with the broken-hearted. Please care for the lonely, the least, and the lost. At this moment, when worldly affections fail, may they taste and see that the Lord is good.  Keep them safe. Keep them strong. Keep them healthy.

You are a God of refuge.  We now ask that You, by your Spirit, make our churches, our communities, and our hospitals a refuge to those in need.  Please help meet the physical and spiritual needs of the least of these. Help us, believers in You, lead the brokenhearted to your throne where they might find grace and mercy.  

Be with those that we cannot be with right now.  Give freedom and discipline to the addicts who no longer can meet together for support.  Heal those with mental illness as they struggle to understand the negative feelings that overwhelm their minds and thoughts.  Watch over those who are vulnerable. Stay close, envelope the brokenhearted with Your love and peace.  

You are our God and can do what we cannot.  May we, through this trial, all taste and see that the Lord is good. 

In Jesus name we pray, Amen

A Prayer for the Nations 

Beloved Father, 

We don’t want you to just heal us; we want you to heal the world.  Help us to be a part of it. Give us the wisdom and desire to love others well.  Help us to treasure each other because we are all created in Your image. 

We pray for the nations.  We know that, along with the US, many other countries are struggling with this virus right now.  But we also know that there are nations that are impoverished of the gospel. They have no hope either economically, politically, or spiritually.  But you have a heart for all of the nations. We know that one day you will gather all the countries of the world under your throne: every language, tribe, tongue, and nation.  How overwhelming it is for us to understand! We, therefore, ask that you would help us to love our neighbors, the people right beside us as well as those around the globe. 

Thank you Lord Jesus, hear our prayers, Amen