Hiker Information

To hike from the Appalachian Trail to the Sherman Church:

Exit the Appalachian Trial at Route 55. This can be done either at the parking lot on the New York side of the border or by following the trail a bit further until it crosses Route 55 on the Connecticut side of the border.

Follow Route 55 east for just under two miles.

Turn right, heading south, on CT Route 39 for just under 4 miles.

At the Sherman Church sign, turn left, heading east, on Church Road. The road curves left and heads north, past a few houses, the cemetery on your right and then the church.

If you call ahead, we can try to arrange a ride for you from the crossing point to the church.

If you need other supplies, there is an IGA grocery store and hardware store farther south on CT Route 39 in the center of town.

When you leave the Church and head north on the trail, get ready, you are about to begin one of the most rugged, yet picturesque sections of the Appalachian Trial.