Kousa Dogwoods

One of hundreds of Kousa Dogwoods planted nearly 30 years ago

By Trudy Smith

“Sherman will be known for its Kousa Dogwoods someday,” declared my dear friend Liz Brikmanis more than 30 years ago! Proceeds from the Sherman Garden Club’s “Bouquet of  Recipes” and handmade preserves sold at The Sherman Church Fair helped fund the purchase and planting of more than 100 Kousa trees all over town back then. Don Coons and John O’Connor did a lot of the planting. Many of us watered like crazy all over town so the little trees would have a chance! Now, in early June 2021, they are resplendent with snowy blossoms just crammed on every branch. Kousas look out at the beach, grace the cemetery, frame the center, and punctuate roads coming and going. This is what one woman can do when she makes her mind up! Liz, I miss you and profoundly thank you.”

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